Introducing the Arc Sport

Electrifying wake sports

Meet the most advanced wake boat to hit the water. The Arc Sport blends aerospace engineering, EV technology, and genius software for a new wave of boating. With 226 kWh of battery capacity, a 570 hp motor, and more than double the torque of most premium wake boats, the Arc Sport unleashes unprecedented performance for the mass-market.

Welcome to smart boating

The sports boat market is a $4B industry in dire need of modernization. While the automotive industry has benefitted from rapid technological advancement, even today’s premium wake boats rely on outdated technology.

Compare that with the Arc Sport. Advanced software seamlessly integrates every aspect of the experience through two modern displays. We’ve designed in-house software that continuously improves our fleet with over-the-air (OTA) updates. Unlike gas boats that start depreciating the day they’re built, the Arc Sport gets more intelligent — and more performant — over time. No other boat on the water today is capable of this.

Engineered for every wave

The Arc Sport is equipped with enough battery, ballast, and wake shaping technology to deliver an exceptional experience with every wave. With the press of a button, the auto-retract hardtop tower provides an easily adjustable tow point and comfortable ride through chop, rain, or wind. A large entertainment screen allows riders to conveniently blast music through JL Audio speakers and view their journey through video recaps and stats. And, once back at the marina, the bow and stern thrusters make it easy to dock the boat. At every step of the journey, the Arc Sport provides an exciting upgrade to the world of wake boating.

A better boating experience

By going electric, the Arc Sport fundamentally improves the experience of owning and operating a boat. Dramatically fewer moving parts eliminate most maintenance needs and winterization. Overnight charging powers your time on the water without lugging gas cans down to the dock, or paying hundreds of dollars for gas.

On top of that, the electric powertrain makes the Arc Sport a breeze to use. Seasoned and new boaters alike can access the power of the Arc Sport without the traditional headaches and learning curves of ownership. Hitting the water is as simple as turning on the touchscreen and leaving the dock. Plus, it’s quiet. You can connect with nature and enjoy conversations with your loved ones at all speeds thanks to the quiet propulsion.

In short, the Arc Sport isn’t just a better boat. It’s a better boating experience.

Delivering EV’s next frontier

The Arc Sport is everything you’re used to in a wake boat… except faster, smarter, more reliable, easier to use, and cheaper to operate. It’s also our first mass-market move to deliver the next frontier of electrification: the marine industry. Starting at $258K, it outperforms more expensive wake boats while also saving you thousands each year.

And best of all, it’s coming fast — our first development unit is already ripping across the water at top speed. Experience the magic of EV and reserve the Arc Sport now. Deliveries begin this year.

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