Powered by Advanced Software

The Arc Sport is introducing advanced software to the world of wake boats. With intuitive controls, beautiful design, and robust telemetry, the Arc Sport isn’t just a smart boat: it’s an evolution for the marine industry.

A category-creating boat

All of the technology on the Arc Sport from the touchscreen to the backend software is developed in-house. Because the software and hardware are so tightly integrated, we’re able to improve the boat through over-the-air (OTA) updates. From new surf capabilities and cruise control, to video-sharing and music equalization, the possibilities for the Arc Sport are endless.

On top of over-the-air updates, we’ve created a robust telemetry pipeline that streams tens of thousands of data points per second, per boat. This allows our software and controls engineers to continuously track and improve our fleet’s performance.

Equipped with this advanced software, the Arc Sport unlocks a new category of boats: ones that get better over time.

A view of the ballast customization screen on the Arc Sport

Your customizable command center

Boaters access the advanced software on the Arc Sport through a large touchscreen and driver display. With a sleek UI that complements the modern aesthetic of the boat, the controls will feel intuitive to experienced and first-time boat owners alike.

The driver display offers easy access to speed, water depth, and ballast settings. The touchscreen allows captains to customize their view with multiple app configurations. Cameras, tower and ballast control, navigation charts, and music are all just a finger tap away. Plus, with wake-shaping controls and saveable rider profiles, each wave can be precisely tailored to suit your needs.

In short, we don’t want the Arc Sport to feel like another boat. We want it to feel like your boat.

Engineered for memories

The Arc Sport is the most highly engineered wake boat on the market, and advanced software powers every part of it. With a more modern and customizable boating experience, you can create new memories on the water with the people you love.

Learn more about the Arc Sport, and reserve yours now. Deliveries begin this year.

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