Delivering the future of boating

Los Angeles

We’re electrifying the marine industry, beginning with recreational boating. Founded in 2021 in Los Angeles, CA, we're continuing to chart new waters until everything that floats is electric.

The Vision

We’re making boating more enjoyable, and more sustainable. Our groundbreaking first model, the Arc One, set a new industry standard as the most powerful electric boat commercially available at launch. And it was just the beginning.

Our second model, the Arc Sport, is delivering electric boating to the mass-market.

Arc One

Arc Sport

The Technology

We build electric boats from scratch by blending modern aerospace design and manufacturing techniques with traditional marine craftsmanship. By designing our battery packs, powertrain, thermal control systems and software in-house, we create boats with a cohesive feel, optimal performance, and unique features you won't find on any other watercraft.

Founder Story

CEO Mitch Lee was born into a Bay Area family of boating fanatics — his mom waterskied on the morning of her wedding day, curlers and all — and spent countless hours on the water growing up. On land, he focused on entrepreneurship, juggling multiple jobs and trading stocks from a young age.

Meanwhile in rural Pennsylvania, CTO Ryan Cook was busy building complex Lego sets, robots, and toy rockets. He earned the nickname “Rocket Man” among friends and family after his first launch — in his family living room. The lasting burn mark on the ceiling was a spot of inspiration for bigger experiments outdoors.







Arc is founded by a small team of SpaceX alum committed to electrifying the marine industry


A $4.25M Seed round led by a16z enables Arc to validate the core technology that will power its electric boats

The Crew

We’re a team of rocket engineers, EV experts, and avid boaters electrifying the industry at lightning speed. We delivered our first model, the Arc One, in less than two years. Now, we’re bringing electric boating to the mass-market with the Arc Sport. Thanks to strong support from investors, we’re continuing to grow our world-class team in LA and beyond.