From Idea to Reality∶ Delivering the First Arc One

Just over two years ago, Arc launched with the ambitious goal of electrifying all watercraft. Now we’re one step closer to that mission: We’ve delivered the first Arc One to a customer. This moment marks a major milestone for our company as we shift from refining and testing to rolling out completed watercraft.

Pushing the boundaries of boating wasn’t simple. Unlike electric cars, which require less power after acceleration, electric boats need to sustain high power to keep moving through the water. This created unique thermal and mechanical challenges for our team to overcome. Taking the Arc One from idea to reality required designing and building new technology from scratch, including fully integrated battery packs, closed-loop cooling systems, and liquid-cooled touchscreen displays.

An electrified timeline

The Arc One reaches customer hands as the most advanced electric boat in its class — with more battery capacity, horsepower, and range than any watercraft near its size. Going from an idea to a customer-ready product in two years is unheard of in the world of EVs, and a feat we’re proud to celebrate with our first Arc One delivery.

January 2021: Arc Boat Company is officially born

February 2021: Arc closes initial funding

April 2021: Physical work begins in a small LA facility

June 2021: An engineering prototype boat hits the water for testing

September 2021: Arc employees ski and wakeboard behind a prototype

November 2021: Arc secures $30 million in a Series A funding round

March 2022: The Arc One’s battery and motor are upgraded for even more power

July 2022: The Arc One goes on sale

March 2023: The first Arc One is delivered to a customer

Delivering on Arc One

In the coming months we’ll stay focused on delivering the sold-out Arc One to customers as efficiently as possible. We consider these early adopters part of our team, and we’ll work with them to collect feedback that will inform future designs and features, including ones we’ll deliver over the air.

Many companies make ambitious promises. We’re proud to make deliveries. It’s now time for the first Arc One boaters to take the wheel.

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