Releasing renders of promising products is easy. Bringing those products to life is incredibly hard. Today, we’re proud to announce that the Arc Sport has hit the water for a nationwide demo tour.

We staffed the first engineer on the Arc Sport in January 2023. 16 months later, we have multiple boats on the water conducting testing, qualification, and — beginning today — demos! That speed stems from our team's clear vision, deep expertise, and intense commitment. In a world of promise and flashy visuals, our focus remains on delivering the many benefits of electric boats to customers.

Modernizing an industry

The Arc Sport represents the future of recreational boating. In what has historically been a noisy, noxious, low-tech industry, the Arc Sport delivers a quiet, fumeless, and modern ride.

The auto-retracting hardtop tower is a first of its kind for wake boats, made possible by some of the brightest minds spanning aerospace, automotive, and marine engineering. The surf system was designed and rigorously tested by literal rocket engineers — experts at making highly performant vessels that operate in demanding conditions.

The integrated 226 kWh battery pack adds more than 2,500 lbs to the computer-controlled ballast system. Fully ballasted at 9,000 lbs, the Arc Sport throws a customizable wave that will thrill advanced riders while adapting to first-time riders. And with double the torque of premium gas boats, the Arc Sport delivers thrilling EV performance off the line.

The Arc Sport is as much a feat of software as it is of hardware though, and we’re excited to modernize the marine industry with it. The in-house software is closer to that of premium electric cars than of anything you’d find on the water today.

Two driver displays give riders precise control over every aspect of their session. With saveable rider profiles, three high-res cameras, and a premium sound system from JL Audio, the Arc Sport provides everything you’d hope for in a wake boat — and more.

The Arc Sport also features a sophisticated over-the-air (OTA) update system unlike anything that exists in the marine industry today. Rather than degrading over time, the Arc Sport can receive updates spanning every aspect of the boating experience, from raw performance, to driver functionality, to new entertainment experiences.

Simplifying boating

From the start, the Arc Sport was designed to simplify the experience of owning and operating a boat. Bow and stern thrusters make maneuvering through tight marina spaces and docking a breeze. The electric powertrain dramatically reduces the maintenance and winterization burden of gas boats. And the simplicity of charging eliminates the headache of lugging gas cans to the dock and expensive refueling.

The Arc Sport is a boat that makes it easy for everyone to be the captain of their own adventure. It represents an evolution for the marine industry and a huge leap forward on our mission to electrify all watercraft.

Want to experience the future of (wake) boating? Our summer tour kicks off in Austin, Texas today. Sign up for a demo and reserve the Arc Sport now. Deliveries begin this year!

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