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Towers are a defining feature of wake boats. They anchor the tow point for surfing and wakeboarding, provide shade for passengers, and are a central hub for board storage. And — like most parts of the wake boat industry — they’re due for modernization.

An aerospace upgrade

The towers on gas wake boats are traditionally made with canvas tops and metal frames. They’re often bulky, block access to parts of the boat when retracted, and are a headache to collapse for trailering or storage.

With the Arc Sport, we’ve designed the best-engineered tower in the industry. Our auto-retract hardtop tower is sturdier, more rugged, and built by a team that approached this feature with aerospace-grade requirements. Whereas traditional gas boats outsource and then bolt on their towers, our in-house tower integrates seamlessly into the Arc Sport. Using advanced software, the tower auto-retracts into the hull itself for a streamlined design.

Your access to extended adventure

The Arc Sport’s tower is as smart as it is powerful. It’s intelligently controlled by software and accessed through a touchscreen. With the touch of a button, riders can command precise control over the tow point and retract the tower for easy trailering and storage.

When retracted, the tower closes out against the windshield to create a semi-enclosed cabin — something no other wake boat can do. Early morning and shoulder season sessions are protected from cold wind and spray, extending the amount of time for surfing throughout the year. Plus, it offers a sweet (adjustable) vantage point for the integrated camera.

The auto-retract hard top tower

Extended, the tower provides over 8 feet of shade. Not only does it come with mounted lights and JL Audio speakers, but it also affords an elegant solution to hold gear. No more cramped days on the boat, enjoy extra storage on top of and beneath the tower.

An uncompromising experience

The towers on traditional gas wake boats require boaters to suffer trade-offs. They can limit board storage and eliminate the option to tow riders when retracted, or block access to parts of the boat when folded. And, they’re typically a painfully expensive add-on that prices out many buyers.

The Arc Sport offers a refreshing alternative: the auto-retract hardtop tower comes standard. That means there’s only one choice to make, and it requires no compromises to your boating experience.

Reserve the Arc Sport now. Deliveries begin later this year.

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