Engineering The Perfect Wave


What’s a wake boat without epic wave creation? From the start of research and development (R&D) on the Arc Sport, our team set out to engineer waves that not only match premium gas wake boats on shaping and rideability, but also deliver an unprecedented rider experience through easy-to-use software and fumeless performance. With the Arc Sport’s structural design, ballast, and battery packs optimized to throw customizable waves all day, both advanced and first-time riders are in store for unforgettable days on the water.

The problem with power

Boats are notoriously inefficient when it comes to power consumption, and wake boats are no different. To produce rideable waves, wake boats leverage thousands of pounds of ballast to increase drag through the water — and from that, waves. This power draw problem is consistent whether you’re riding behind a gas or electric boat.

When building the Arc Sport, we needed to optimize from the hull up to not only produce incredible waves, but beat the electric vehicle (EV) range concerns. Enter our team of rocket and EV engineers.

Tapping into rocket science

Whereas battery weight is an engineering pain point for electric cars and their range-anxious customers, it’s a rider’s best friend on the Arc Sport. We build our hulls and 226kWh battery packs in-house so we can leverage the battery weight to make the boat better, not worse.

Throughout the Arc Sport’s R&D phase, we ran extensive testing and leveraged our advanced telemetry system to precisely measure variables from speed, ballast, trimming, and power draw. This robust data set allowed our engineers to explore a wide variety of pack designs and configurations, and be sure we’d selected the optimal system to deliver epic waves and all-day range.

With wake boaters’ goal to increase drag through the water, the placement of the Arc Sport battery pack is as important as the juice inside. Our team of rocket and EV engineers factored in the pitch angle, roll, and yaw of the boat when testing. The more than 2,500 pound battery pack sits at the back of the boat, intelligently placed to enhance the subfloor ballast system.

The result? Fun but forgiving, and tall but very long waves, with enough range for even the longest summer days.

Wave customization at your fingertips

Great waves weren’t the only thing we’re after with the Arc Sport. With our first-of-its-kind software, we’ve prioritized making it extremely simple to customize your ride. The Arc Sport offers personalized rider profiles and settings powered by software so you can fine-tune your waves with unmatched precision. Riders can dial-in ballast, trim, and speed settings via an 18.5” touchscreen, then hit the water. It’s as simple as that. For power users, the Arc Sport offers manual control.

The perfect wave awaits

With some of the brightest minds in engineering behind the Arc Sport, we’ve designed and built a boat that creates the perfect wave, all day, every day. See what else the Arc Sport has to offer and reserve yours now. We promise, you won’t miss the fumes.

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