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Arc Sport on the water

Arc Sport Hits the Water

Electrifying summer with a nationwide demo tour

Closeup of a welder performing a TIG weld

Optimized for Power

How the Arc Sport balances power and efficiency for an extraordinary boating experience

A look inside the captain's seat of the Arc Sport, featuring the two modern displays

Powered by Advanced Software

How the technology behind the Arc Sport is evolving the industry

The touch screen of the Arc Sport featuring the adjustable tower

The Best‑Engineered Tower in the Industry

Extend your boating season with the Arc Sport's auto-retract hardtop tower

A dramatic image of an Arc Sport quickly turning on a misty lake in the morning

Introducing the Arc Sport

The 100% electric wake boat unleashing EV’s next frontier

An arc one and captain silhouetted against a misty sunrise on the water

The Journey of the Arc One

Our final Arc One delivery completes the fleet

Ryan Cook and Mitch Lee, Arc's co-founders, standing in front of a boat

Our Founders' Story

How college friends took on the mission to electrify the marine industry

An alluring photo of a large partially lit open factory floor

Factory Forward

A peek into our new cutting-edge headquarters in LA

Two friends Smiling on an Arc one gently cruising forward

Maintenance‑free Boating

How our electric boats are solving the headache of ownership

A render of an Arc One boat on gantry cranes inside a dark warehouse

Powering the Next Wave

Arc secures $70M Series B to create the next wave of high-performance electric boats

A close up view of the Arc One touchscreen

The Coolest Touchscreen On the Water

Creating an adventure-ready user experience

A side view of an Arc One speeding by on a lake

Introducing Smart Boating

Over-the-air updates make your boat better with time

An Arc One boat driving through a sunny shoreline.

Rethinking Range

Delivering a fresh take on decades-old technology

Arc technician welds the aluminium Arc One hull.

Rocket-Inspired Boats

How our aerospace roots enable more power on the water

An Arc One boat charging at a dock

Why We Build Our Own Batteries

How custom batteries unlock new potential on the water

An Arc One electric boat on the water

From Idea to Reality∶ Delivering the First Arc One

The record-breaking timeline to a best-in-class boat

An Arc One boat charging at a dock

How Does Charging an Electric Boat Work?

Exploring the many ways to power days on the water

A side view of an Arc One speeding by on a lake

Electricity and Water Do Mix

How sensors, software, and rigorous testing keep electric boats safe and sound on the water

Arc One, Serial No. 1 picking up speed

The Arc One Wait Is Over

The most powerful electric boat is now ready for sales and deliveries

An Arc One boat moving quickly on a lake

Arc One Hits the Water

We've been teasing the Arc One with renders and mockups for a while now. Now, we're excited to show you the first one on the water

A render of an Arc One boat on gantry cranes inside a dark warehouse

Full Speed Ahead

Arc accelerates production ramp with $30M Series A led by Tesla’s former head of manufacturing

A render of an Arc One pulled up to a lakeside dock

Expanding the Crew

An all-star team of strategic investors has joined Arc to help make our vision a reality

An abstract overhead shot of dark, gloomy waves

Introducing Arc

Arc is designing, manufacturing and distributing the next generation of watercraft on an ambitious timeline, starting with electric wakeboard and waterski boats