The Arc One is now on sale. Join the waitlist today.

The Arc One Wait Is Over

The Arc One Wait Is Over

The wait is over: the Arc One is officially on sale starting today. It’s now the most powerful electric watercraft commercially available, making today a milestone not just for Arc, but also for the nascent electric boating industry.

How we got here

Arc’s mission is to electrify the marine industry. From the beginning, we set out to build a beautiful, high-performance electric boat without sacrificing speed, range, or power. Achieving that goal comes with a unique set of technical challenges.

To start, competing with and even outperforming today's powerful gas boats requires a large battery. Ours is three times the size of a Tesla Model Y’s and weighs nearly 3,000 lbs. Accommodating a battery of that size requires a hull purpose-built for the task.

Testing an early skeleton boat for performance, including wake sport potential.

Testing an early skeleton boat for performance, including wake sport potential.

We chose to work with an aluminum hull, instead of more commonly used fiberglass, not only because it’s lightweight, durable, and more environmentally friendly, but also because it allows us to easily test and refine the shape in pursuit of optimal performance. We’ve spent countless hours striking the right balance between a punchy acceleration and a smooth, quiet ride.

We believe this highly iterative process is crucial to pushing the industry forward. While the craft of boat-building goes back millennia, we’re in uncharted waters when it comes to developing an electric vessel at this level of performance. That’s why we assembled a team of former rocket engineers and boating industry veterans to continuously test and refine every step of the way.

Where we’re going

Over the coming months, we’ll be ramping up production, beginning with the first customer deliveries, and taking boats on tour around the U.S. It’s a significant moment, and it’s just the beginning.

Electrifying the world of boating holds enormous potential for people and the planet, and we’re here to make that happen at scale. The Arc One is a thrilling start to this journey.

If you’re interested in leading the marine industry into an electric future, starting with electric wakeboard and waterski boats, we have a job for you. And if you’re interested in exclusive access to this future, we have a boat for you.

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