Arc One Hits the Water

We recently took the first Arc One, a pre-production unit, to Lake Arrowhead, CA for a day of testing. While we were at it, we brought along a creative team to help us capture some photos and video.

Today, we’re excited to show the boat in action for the first time.

We’re also excited to share some news about the Arc One itself. Given the testing and design iteration we’ve been doing this fall and winter, several performance specifications we’ve previously quoted are now out of date — in a good way.

For starters, the total battery capacity will be 10% larger than previously disclosed: now 220 kWh, or three times the capacity of a Tesla Model Y. A new, more powerful motor will also be capable of putting out over 500 HP of power. And finally, the hull shape itself is evolving to unlock greater efficiency and more sporty handling.

An Arc One cruising across a lake from a top-down perspective

It was true before and it’s even more true now: nothing else comes close to the Arc One in terms of performance.

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