Introducing Arc

Introducing Arc

Electric boats are superior to gas boats in every way.

Analogies to cars undersell the problem. The experience using gas boats is closer to a gas lawn mower or leaf blower: they're noisy, they're unreliable, their fumes are noxious, they run out of gas all the time, and they're annoying to maintain. Electric boats address all of those problems and then some.

Talk of realizing the benefits of electric boats isn't new, but actually delivering beautiful, powerful electric boats at scale is. Electrifying the world of boating holds enormous potential for people and the planet, and we're here to make it happen.

To do that, Arc is designing, manufacturing and distributing the next generation of watercraft on an ambitious timeline, starting with electric wakeboard and waterski boats.

The Opportunity

Electric boats are not only far more reliable and less expensive to operate, but they're also quieter, quicker, easier to maintain, and — most of all — cleaner, with no fumes or pollutants. Plus, electric boats can go where no gas boats are allowed to go: on the increasing number of lakes restricting the use of gas-powered boats given their negative impact on the environment.

But to deliver an electric boat that competes on performance, range, and price, boats need large batteries, sophisticated electric systems, and hulls that can intelligently accommodate both.

The Team

Arc is led by a team of (literal) rocket engineers. We're developing boats at over five times the speed of the industry standard and are bringing components in-house that even the largest names in the industry have shied away from. In a matter of months, we assembled a world class team to help us move even faster, and we're just getting started.

The Technology

Developing high-performance electric boats requires experience across many engineering disciplines. This includes everything from the obvious structural, electrical, and manufacturing engineering work to less obvious simulation and controls work. Each of these disciplines have made major advancements in the last few years. An electric boat designed from scratch today incorporates the lessons of the past while capitalizing on the technical advances of the present. Fully in-house design of battery packs, powertrain systems, thermal control systems, and most importantly software, gives Arc a unique ability to build a boat with a cohesive feel, amazing performance, and new features that no other boat can offer.

The Roadmap

Our first model — the limited-edition Arc One — will go into production next month. With 50% more energy storage than the next best competitor and 50% more horsepower to match, the Arc One has far superior range, acceleration, and performance than any boat in its class. Innovations in hull geometry, thermal control, and structural battery design allow for a massive battery and enormously powerful motor while keeping the system in the same weight class as the competition. It's proven to be an incredibly exciting vehicle to drive, and it's only the beginning.

Six months after being founded, we were on the water with the most powerful boat in its class. 12 months after being founded, the first Arc Ones will be in production. From there, we expect to introduce new boat models while rapidly expanding our production footprint and driving down costs.

Along the way, we'll continue to improve performance, maximize efficiency, and enable safer and more convenient operation both on and off the water.

If you’re interested in leading the marine industry into an electric future, starting with electric wakeboard and waterski boats, we have a job for you. And if you’re interested in exclusive access to this future, we have a boat for you.

Deliveries beginning this summer

Build the future

Does creating an industry-defining product that transforms the way people enjoy marine environments sound enticing? Come aboard.