An Arc One with two people on board accelerates across a lake with toward a wooded shoreline

First of its kind.

  • Power 500hp
  • Speed 40mph
  • Emissions 0

A limited-edition luxury cruiser.

(Now sold out.)


Arc One pairs a massive battery with a powerful motor, so you can enjoy the water instead of searching for the gas dock.

A 3D model of the Arc One showing the boat interior's minimalist design from above


An elegant, minimalist design stands out from everything else at the marina.

A 3D model of the Arc One showing the boat interior's minimalist design from above

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Lightweight hull

Marine-grade aluminum and aerospace manufacturing techniques unlock superior range and durability.

The Arc One on a sunny lake with a mirror-like reflection

Purpose-built batteries

Battery packs designed exclusively for the Arc One provide tight control over your center of gravity — and free up extra space too.

An Arc One speeds off with a splash

Aerospace-inspired engineering

Cutting-edge technology and design from a team of former rocket engineers.

Upside-down view of the hull frame of an Arc One in production
The Arc One resting on a fresh green lake in front of green folliage
The Arc One with a white misty wake behind it, close to a shore with houses and trees
A welder at work in the Arc Boats factory
24 ft
102 in
33 in
Hull Material
500 hp
Top Speed
40 mph
220 kWh
Avg Usage
3-5 hrs
12 people
A drawing to scale showing the Arc One electric boat from above
Port-side view of the Arc One and its wake on a pristine lake at sunset
An distant starboard-side shot of the Arc One bow over green clear waters
An aerial shot of the Arc One bow over clear green water
The Arc One backlit by sunlight with a sparkling wake
A rear view of the Arc One creating gentle wake on a green lake
An Arc One cruising across a lake from a top-down perspective