Our mission is to electrify the world of boating.

Arc is developing the next generation of watercraft, starting with electric sport boats. Founded in 2021 in Los Angeles, CA, we're pushing the industry forward on an ambitious timeline.

A close-up photo of the Arc One going at a moderate speed on a blue lake
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
Founded: 2021
Employees: 80 (and hiring)

The Technology

We build electric boats from scratch by blending modern aerospace design and manufacturing techniques with traditional marine craftsmanship. By designing our battery packs, powertrain, thermal control systems and software in-house, we create boats with a cohesive feel, optimal performance, and new features you won’t find on any other watercraft.

An Arc One Boat in shadow
An engineer precisely welding part of the Arc One in the factory
An engineer precisely welding part of the Arc One in the factory

The Team

Led by a team of former rocket engineers, we’re developing boats at lightning speed. We brought our first model, the Arc One, to market in just over a year since our founding in 2021. Thanks to strong support from world-class investors, we’re continuing to grow our world-class team in LA and beyond.

The Vision

The Arc One set a new industry standard as the most powerful electric boat commercially available at launch. We’re continuing to chart new waters with future models currently in development to make boating accessible, more enjoyable, and more sustainable.

An Arc One boat sitting on a placid misty lake at sunrise

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