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Head of Marketing

Los Angeles, California

What we’re building

Our vision is to electrify all waterborne vessels, and we're starting with electric watersport boats.

An electric boat is superior to a gas boat in almost every way: not only is it way easier to maintain (the single biggest pain point of owning a gas boat) and a lot cheaper to operate (a day of use costs ~$10 compared to ~$100 for a gas boat), but it’s also quieter, faster, more stable, and cleaner, with no fumes or pollutants.

Battery tech is finally good enough to pull this off, but a truly performant electric boat also requires a strong, lightweight hull to accommodate the large battery. With years of experience in aerospace manufacturing, we believe we can disrupt the gasoline boating industry through first principle engineering, innovative production techniques, and a scrappy start-up approach to problem solving.

What we’re looking for

We're looking for an experienced marketing leader who is excited by Arc’s vision and eager for the challenge.

This role will primarily be focused on building excitement and demand for our boats. However, given that we're an early stage startup, you will be working in a fast-moving, dynamic environment where the day to day needs of the company can shift quickly.

The scope of this role is large, but it's important to note that you are not expected to have deep experience across every responsibility, or even execute on each responsibility directly. Instead, your primary function will be to inform the company's strategy and coordinate relevant marketing efforts — executing directly at times and managing vendors/agencies at others.

What we value

We value these three things above all else:

  • Empathy, for colleagues and for customers
  • Pragmatism, for navigating ambiguity quickly and sensibly
  • Diversity, of background, opinion, culture, etc.

Given that we’re a small team working in a sometimes intense or stressful environment, it’s vital that our values align. We’d be happy to elaborate on any or all of these during the interview process.

Core responsibilities

  • Develop Arc’s long-term marketing strategy, both for its brand and individual products
  • Execute on that strategy using your own skills and a team of direct reports, agencies and contractors that you assemble to complement yourself
  • Orchestrate Arc’s in-person events, boat demos, and trade show presence
  • Inform product design and development with a deep understanding of Arc’s current and future customers
  • Build out mechanisms for measuring marketing success
  • Own press relationships and media strategy

Basic qualifications

  • At least eight years of experience building brands and launching products
  • Strong team- and people-development skills
  • An ability to think long-term, coupled with a willingness to own short-term execution
  • Comfort engaging with engineers, customers, media, partners, industry experts, and more
  • Self-awareness to know who, when and how to hire to support your vision
  • A rich understanding of key marketing metrics at various stages of a company’s growth
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • A refined eye for design

Bonus qualifications

  • Experience working on website design and development or content creation
  • Boating or other maritime industry expertise
  • Comfort working up to 50 hours a week
  • Ability to travel for networking, shows, and demos

At Arc, we encourage diversity and consider all qualified applicants equally for employment, regardless of background, identity, or status. You're welcome to reach out even if you feel you don't meet these qualifications. Passion and aptitude make up for a lot.

What you’ll get

  • Smart teammates who will challenge you to be better
  • Access to and input over every aspect of the business
  • A meaningful equity stake
  • An opportunity to launch an industry-defining product in under a year
  • Knowledge that you’re helping save the environment
  • Nearly free health insurance
  • Lots of snacks

Since we’re a small team, we can move at whatever pace you’d like. If you’re in a hurry, we can get through the recruiting process in a matter of days. If you want to take your time, we can spread it out over weeks or even months. Either way, we generally respond to all outreach within a day or two.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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