Maintenance‑free Boating

Maintenance‑free Boating

Gas boats aren’t called money sinks for nothing. The reality of year-round maintenance is a known – and expensive – headache for boat owners. Whether it’s changing filters, spending thousands on winterizing, or even replacing an engine, traditional gas boaters often find themselves in the repair shop rather than on the water. The maintenance woes of boat ownership are a core reason why more people don’t get into boating.

At Arc, we’re not only building better boats, but a better boating experience. And that starts with reducing maintenance needs and costs of boat ownership.

Fueling up frustration

Traditional gas boats feature antiquated components prone to failure. Gas engines often need to be replaced after a few years. Cooling systems include lots of small, intricate components, such as filters that are easily clogged with seaweed and other debris. Even gas gauges are notoriously faulty.

These issues typically require a boat to be pulled from the water and into a repair shop. Just as A/C repairs can be backed up during the summer months, boat repair shops stay busy during the boating season. This means that even basic issues can take your boat offline for weeks – compromising vacations, holidays, memories, and fun.

We think boaters deserve better.

Accessing the joy of boating

Just like electric cars cut down on road repairs, our electric boats eliminate most on-water maintenance needs. There’s simply fewer moving parts, and much better technology. Our electric motors never need to be replaced. Our software enables precise range estimation so you never run out of juice. We also custom engineered a closed-loop cooling system on the Arc One. This means that no raw water is needed to keep our boats moving. Gone are the constantly clogged filters and pumps. And – hold onto your seat – our boats don’t need to be winterized.

“We don’t want you to think about, touch, or deal with any sort of maintenance. We think solving for the maintenance issue will not only make boating better for current owners, it will also allow new boaters to enter the space,” says cofounder & CTO Ryan Cook.

You’ll spend more time on the water with our boats than worrying about maintenance, winterization, or a faulty filter. That’s exactly what we mean when we say we’re modernizing the marine industry – not just a better boat, but a better boating experience.

If you’re ready to hop aboard as we electrify boating, we’re hiring! Check out our 20+ job openings across all teams.

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